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Spiritual Spring Clean


Spiritual Spring Cleaning
In Dubai, we don’t really sense a spring, just a increase in temperature this time of year to remind us whats to come in the following weeks. We hit astonishing temperatures in the summer. In the UK, my home country spring has sprung, birds tweeting, daffodils waving in the sunny breeze… Regardless which country we are in its the time of year again when we feel its time to freshen up our homes, and even freshen up ourselves, often looking at where we are with our 2016 action plan.
We build up stagnant energy, that needs to be swept away too, this time of year is common for me to receive emails on ‘energy blocks, fatigue, and stuck at crossroads. To be honest until I started actively developing my spiritual self back in 2001, I didn’t even realise spiritual spring cleaning was needed, or how i say it ‘re-connection.’ We get hit by the layer upon layer of residual energy in our houses, homes and places this then sitting on our mind too and it can accumulate and store energy from highly charged emotionally conversations, situations and debates from various family members or friends. Hence important to clear and cleanse.
Any buildings have imprints of the lives lived there before you… just think of the range of emotions, circumstances and life events experienced by each and every person who spent time there. Then we move in, we can without realising it on a conscious level start to take that energy into our auric field and become affected by it.
Some people experience a series of maintenance issues, electric breakdowns, plumbing issues leaks, all kinds of random things can manifest.
So how to cleanse and clear the home?
// Declutter / good sort out, items for the rubbish or charity
// Physically clean with natural products
// Add clear quartz to each room
// If you are Reiki attuned, you can incorporate Reiki energy into your cleansing routine too, a home can be beautifully balanced and harmonised with it.
// Sage it / incense (natural no synthetics)
// Singing bowl cleansing
….if the energy of a space isn’t welcoming and homely, full of your energy and a place you want to spend time in – cleanse! It truly is something wonderful we can do for ourselves to improve and maintain our spiritual well-being. Once the home is clear and cleansed you will notice improvements within your own spiritual self. We can also give our own conscious and subconscious a spiritual clean, but thats another article….

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