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How do i cleanse / charge my crystals / healing jewellery?

Crystals for beginners

How do I cleanse / charge my crystals? When its a Full moon it is a very common time to cleanse / recharge our crystals.

Most common way to cleanse and charge is under the full moon.

People ask why under the moonlight?

Well remember the moon controls the sea / currents so thats how powerful the moon is. Just remember though cleansing under the sun is also a lovely way just incase you forget to cleanse / charge under a full moon. You can cleanse and charge anytime, although many prefer full moons for the additional energy.

There is always little confusion on this, but *intention* is the key aspect here.
Crystals like a bath, place them in a nice bowl of mineral water over night or for a few hours and you can add in it salt too (sea salt preferably) . Be careful with heavily salted water though,  as the softer crystals will disintegrate or fade. However if you know a lot about geology and where each stone slots on the MOHS scale then go ahead and use water with salt as long as you are familiar with the hardness of the crystal before placing in the water .
Another method is smudging or running incense smoke through them, or sage smoke. Incense smoke through crystals is my personal favourite and preferred way. 
A very quick simple way is easy-just hold a thought that you are “cleansing them” and visualize white light flooding through the crystals. Do this while holding the incense smoke through the crystals.

You can also just have that thought in your mind without the incense. Thought and intention always works.
Also placing the crystals in organic rice over night can cleanse and charge too.
Secret is, don’t get too serious about the cleansing rituals, of course just cleanse them the way feels right for you, not because someone insisted that a particular way is the correct way. Any questions? contact me.
Love & Crystals
Laila xoxo

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