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Judging Others.

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One of the Spiritual Essentials of moral conduct is not judging.

But to eliminate judging from every day life seems far from impossible.
As human beings we are all guilty of it.

First of all, our physical body is in a consistent survival mode. Existing in physical form makes survival into our first priority mode. Judging is used to evaluate situations at any time for our ‘safety’
If you google the definition of judging it comes up with some pretty harsh factual statements which is in fact definition of the word ‘judging.’
As well as survival- to exist on the physical level, we must also survive on the social level as part of evolution - when being part of a community, group, or a tribe was crucial and vital for our physical survival. Tribes and groups were the protection of the individuals.

We have judging reflex that can automatically happen, ie we meet someone with similar characteristics as a childhood school teacher who we have bad memories of. So we project old perceptions on to people and even situations. So rather than your automatic judge reflex, seek your inner self and find the ‘awareness’
After looking at someones body or image , your mind decides if this person is beautiful, ugly, dislike or like. This happens instant. Then if you go on to hear the person talk, the mind will make more instant random judgments, from you hate them, they arent your type of person, to you adore them, you respect them.
So before looking at the image, personality and so on start by addressing the core of this person. Seed of Life or Source. Their Source- exists in all of us. Love is inside that person. Once you have connected to their core of being you will meet this person with non-judgment. Greet the love inside this person first.

When the mind is stressed, out of balance then it will keep making judgments about everyone and everything on a day to day basis. If your mind does make a judgment on someone or something - don’t attach any importance to it. In hindsight there are only two judgments – this is good, this is bad. All that you consider to be good, naturally you are drawn to it and get attached to it and more good comes to you. Everything that you consider as bad, you get repelled from it and negative emotions will flow, and attract more of this negativity. So there is absolutely no need to judge others. We are all guilty of making judgments, but those who want to spiritually grow and mature should be fully aware and stop judging others.

Any bitterness and even dissatisfaction is from our own limitations.
So, whether you are judging a person, their action, a tree or an animal then just experience it for what it is.
-It is what it is….

Laila xoxo——

[ rose quartz , aventurine, emerald calcite all ideal stones to work with to help us not judge ]

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