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Crystals for Moving On & Letting Go

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Crystals For Moving On & Letting Go

There comes a time in life we have to let go and move on, whether it be a relationship, a friendship, an addiction or even job, or home.
We have to let go to move on to bigger and better things. We have to take risks sometimes for the lifestyle we want. Fear stops us doing this, fear of change, fear of it not working out. To let go of fear we have to let go of the past. Crystals can be used as a tool to aid the process of letting go.
These crystals may help

Kyanite: Ideal for releasing any emotional blocks that hold us back on letting go and moving forward, brings clarity and tranquility.

Rainbow Aura Quartz: This teaches us to move on with happiness and fun Rainbow aura is all about nurturing your inner child, letting go -and having fun.

Citrine: A positive stone for moving forward, helps with new beginnings. Citrine helps rid emotional toxins and helps with self esteem as you move on from the past.

Labradorite: Helps cut the cord, detaches from the past, whilst protecting us.

Amethyst: Supports healing for an addiction so there for helps us lose the addictive thought of living in the past.

And Yoga - Always do yoga.

Laila xoxo

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