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How to deal with psychic attack / evil eye.

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How to deal with psychic attack / evil eye.
I am not a professional or a doctor, and imagine everyone has different opinions on this, but this is mine. Take what you wish from the article, i do also hope it helps some that read it.
One of my most common questions, or assumptions is they have been given the ‘evil eye’ and what to do now….. If you were happy in your own skin and no open wounds, USUALLY you wouldn’t even have this thought in the first place. If you do, it means someone has tapped in, or taken advantage subconsciously of your insecurities.
I often get asked, what do ‘i’ do to protect MYSELF, well, its as simple as this, while i do wear crystals for ‘protection’ i never even have the thought in my mind that someone would unintentionally give me bad thoughts. I know i am ALWAYS protected, my intention is always love. So, yes you could say i don’t believe…. Anyway here is more.
Various people have various thoughts on what a psychic attack is or what causes them. Here is my thoughts on them…
Basically its when an energy that doesn’t resonate your energy can abuse or effect your energy field or aura in a negative way without permission.
You may feel a mix of emotions, like vunerability, exposed, worried and even suffer an anxiety attack.
A psychic attack becomes a psychic attack due to FEAR, its something we fear. When all FEAR is is False Evidence Appearing Real, so in my humble approach is Psychic attacks on your energy doesn’t exist, its the ‘thought’ that it has, a bit like when someone asks me for protection due to someone putting the evil eye on them, when you remove the thought that someone has actually done that , the evil eye doesn’t exist. If you think you have, or think you have had a psychic attack this then manifests, its the power of your very own thought patterns that increases all the bad things that may then start happening, these negative thoughts turn to negative actions and so on, it becomes a cycle.
Personally while i wear protection crystals often (these to follow), i also understand its a tool as its my own mind that gives me the protection, my own personal ‘request’.
Many of us are sensitive to not being liked, theory and fact is we all want love, to be loved, we cannot survive without it. However jealousy is one of the few examples of which can instigate someone else trying to harm, or make you feel ‘fear’. The jealousy for example is about the other person, its their own open wounds they need to heal, once they work with this and heal their wounds, their jealous feelings and thoughts will stop. Often these people aren’t happy so wish people around them aren’t happy either, they are unable to deal with their own issues and so feel jealous of those that have worked on themselves. These people keep blaming, never take responsibility for their own life. We all make choices we wish we hadn’t, but at the time, right at that moment it was a good choice, but this doesn’t give anyone the right to wish bad up on anyone else.
People can be very bitter how their life is turning out, how it didn’t go as planned, how their business isn’t booming like yours, they don’t have the motivation for the gym like you, the knowledge, even the loving family you might have, and although positive happy loveable people have all had their own life journeys and healed their own wounds, a lot haven’t and don’t know how to, so when seeing you all happy, caring and positive this can have a negative effect on their thought pattern.
Life is a school where we get tested, learn, failings or non positives are so that we learn. Regardless, we need to learn to keep moving and improve ourselves. None of us are perfect, whilst can appear to be we all have some issues we can whorl on. Some part of our experiences is our karma and other parts are just the lessons in this lifetime. You attract the people into your life that mirror something in you and the teachers attract are the ones on your frequency at that time who can help you enhance and attune yourself in this lifetime.
Anyway, back to the Psychic Attack..
Symptoms of a Psychic Attack / evil eye
Sudden fatigue when usually not tired, insecure, worry, headache, drained, drained, unmotivated, pessimism when always optimistic, irritated, poor sleeping.
* Personally i also think ALOT of times, psychic attacks are done unintentionally, and this person hasn’t done any direct harm on you but you are in THEIR thoughts, they may be constantly thinking of you, feeling jealous of you and so on (as mentioned above) there for these thoughts are subconsciously projected on to you. I think often this is what happens, while their thoughts are unkind, mean and negative towards you , its again their wounds that are open and need to deal with and as what goes around comes around, these thoughts will go back to the person until they learn / heal them.
Moral of this point, don’t ever take it personally , even better don’t think these negative thoughts from someone’s have happened.
How to HEAL from Psychic Attack / evil eye
1. Ask your Angels to cut any cord from this person.
2. Do a meditation yourself of cutting the cord, request Archangel Michael to assist.
3. Send pure white light to the person.
4. Ask your Angels to ask / assist the persons angels in healing them to stop their negative thoughts
5. Every time this person with the negative intention comes to your mind, send them love and light.
6. Cancel the thought its even happened. Work on yourself, if you were happy and confident and feeling really positive, the actual thought that someone has sent you evil eye etc would not have happened in the first place so you need to be emotionally strong and stable and do not allow others to identify with your fears because this also reveals your weakness and targets that, making you then feel bad… Try to identify with your own emotional issues and fears and heal them, this way you are protecting yourself from being emotionally vulnerable, making you less likely to absorb the effects of the negative energies.
PRACTICAL ways to remove Psychic Attack/ evil eye
1. Cleanse AURA with sage
2. Crystal Bath with black tourmaline
3. Himalayan salt bath
4. Wear / carry labradorite
6. Wear / carry Kunzite
7. Work with Orgone
General ways to protect yourself in the first place.
1. Don’t believe
2. Wear crystals , whilst black tourmaline, Kunzite and labradorite are my personal choice you may have another that you favour to protect you. And remember you can even program any crystal to protect, most crystals have a protection ability in them.
3. Wear an Angel Caller.
4. If a therapist or healer, try to have a piece of Orgone in your treatment room.
5. If doing a healing treatment, always do your protection ritual before the client, whether thats meditation, reiki protection symbols, ask angels and so on
6. Always give thanks AFTER the treatment for the protection.
Hope this helps, anyone any questions feel free to contact me.
Laila xoxo

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