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Be You

life wisdom

 Be you.
Something close to my heart. In today's society we are conditioned so much to how you should be, shouldn't be, what's right what's wrong , how we look, how we don't look. Then there's the labels. The labels that are given like we should all fit into a box. And if we don't we can experience discrimination even bullying, online and in person.
Any judgmental comments made towards us which involve criticism or negativity because of how we actually look and for not been mainstream or a particular way is theoretically a type of bulling. Usually the person giving off the messages, the negative comments have emotional pain and no awareness and no awareness of unity or healthy diversity.
Moving back to UK I have reflected so much on myself. My identity. We can go all deep here and discuss the Self from a yoga philosophy instead I will touch on it lightly- we all doing our best in this world and unless harming others can do what ever we want and choose to look the way we want. And why shouldn't we ? Diversity is beautiful. Life is too short to take yourself and others too seriously. Enjoy YOURSelf. Be YOU and remember those being judgmental and criticizing are often hurting inside. Be kind to those though, they the ones that need kindness the most.

Crystals to help with Protection would be black tourmaline, moonstone for confidence and rose quartz for love ❤

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