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'Being' Outdoors.

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Since moving back to the UK, i have certainly appreciated the outdoors.
Without holding back -when i was in Dubai i felt suppressed and almost ‘cloudy.’
Dubai is everything i am not. (Yes took me/us 16 years to realise that )
Being in the UK, means come rain or shine we spend much more time outdoors, yes its summer, but even on the cold wet days this June we are out and about. Whilst i am now lucky to live in a beautiful part of the UK which although surrounded by amazing sights and countryside. I still live in a little ‘town’ with the likes of home comforts aka Costa, near by.
So, why is being outdoors so healthy?
First of all, don’t compare your ‘outdoor trip’ to other families outdoor trips on social media, like you don’t have to be sat round a fire with a roasted marshmallow or rolling / cuddling the children in the grass. No planning or expectations, just go outside!
Just get dressed with a coat (even if not raining, you never know later ;-) and go.
If you head for a park in walking distance then thats great, most places have community parks, if not a spot of grass is also effective. Enjoy the walk and look, look around, most answers are in nature. It becomes addictive to what you can spot, OK, so yes i have lived among tall multi million pound buildings and desert the last few years so i might get overly excited at a dandelion or daisy , but without question there are so many beautiful things to see and appreciate outdoors, even if living in a not so eco area, there is always some beauty in the outdoors and nature. Our school run is a 6 minute walk up a hill, every morning we pass the most beautiful poppies on the roadside, they make me so happy to see them every single day, blossoming where you wouldn’t think possible. That in itself has a message, strong roots and you can survive anything. The outdoors is full of messages, reflective thoughts and mindfulness comes to the surface, its almost a type of meditation, the fact not having your phone but just observing, lovely to take photos but dont become too obsessed with the snapchat and insta etc to miss the ‘now’ moment and inner beauty.
Being outdoors has been proven to reduce stress levels, act as a calming tool and also increase creativity.
Being outdoors with the children is just that, 'being' with the children outdoors, you them and nature, its simply lovely, relaxed state and healthy. Children who immerse themselves with outdoors are happier, than those who don’t. Again proven. It stimulates their creativity , strengthens confidence and enhances gratitude.
Since Eden-Star moved back to the UK, she was lucky enough to join the after- school gardening club, already she is stimulated mentally with all she has learnt. Her interest in outdoors has increased by 80% since we moved back to UK, growing (and cooking) potatoes in class and growing sunflowers, all in her class. She can name practically every tree and plant we walk past on the school run, and does so every single morning, seeing her immersed in nature makes my heart sing. In my opinion anything related to the outdoors is a must and as parents we should take responsibility and effort to get out as much as we can (however with reality parenting not always easy) but at least once a week is doable and i find once my girls spent time outdoors, they are content and sleep better too, i also think outdoors/gardening should be incorporated into all schools. Being outdoors creates healthy happy children and healthy happy parents :-)
If you find you struggle with connecting to the outdoors or have no desire at all then work with Fuchsite  and or moss agate  and yoga, always do Yoga.

love & crystals

Laila xoxo

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