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Crystals and Yoga

working with crystals yoga

Crystals and Yoga.

 If like me you love Crystals, then you will want to know how to work with Crystals during your yoga practice.
Easy way is to place the crystals on your mat when you do your daily yoga practice. Place them anywhere and all around, that way you can also use them as a focus point during certain asanas.
I will list a brief of which crystals for what later on, example, if your mind is cluttered, you are forgetful and cant think straight, then you will benefit from grounding stones during your practice.
Also, hold a crystal during poses, i love holding clear quartz during tree pose. Reminds me of deep seated roots, and strength encouraging positivity and strength. We also use crystals to help with anxiety, stress and mental issues and this also is one of the common reasons people may practice yoga (not always the reason but a popular one) So combining yoga with Crystals to support any of these symptoms certainly increases the healthy energy. Crystals like yoga are used a tool to support self development and spiritual growth. Working with crystals whilst practicing yoga can certainly deepen your practice.
After your first time of trying Crystals with yoga it can become addictive in a healthy way, they help restore the balance too which you may have experienced as you confront the emotions on the mat during your yoga practice. Finally during Savasana why not use a chakra set of crystals on yourself, or by the side of you. These little kits are perfect for that.
Everyone resonates differently with each crystal so use the below only as a guide, always go with your intuition, intuition is always right.
Tigers eye for grounding.
Selenite for clarity
Rose Quartz for love
Clear quartz for positivity

Yoga helps us through breath and movement, where crystals are an outside influence that connect with us through energy vibration, so both combined really is am amazing therapeutic natural medicine.

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Love & Crystals

Laila xoxo

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