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Crystals for Weightloss

Crystals for ailments

Crystals for weightloss
Long over due post - so sorry for delay

~The Weight Loss Bracelet i sell is tigers eye and Amethyst, the link is here
I have had amazing feedback and some lovely stories about this weightloss bracelet combination, and sometimes people say just glancing at it has given personal motivation to go to the gym or to not buy junk food when shopping! So to me that works!
However here is an in-depth list aswell.

💫Amethyst: Amethyst, helps with addiction, stress, and helps balance blood sugar imbalances, also eases anxiety which can trigger binges. Amethyst also brings inner peace, helps with willpower.
💫Tigers Eye: Known to keep you motivated and on track, whilst protecting from negative outside energies, also assists with digestive area

💫Blue Chalcedony: supports addictive behaviour and anytime of feelings of not feeling perfect

💫 Red Garnet; fills us with positive motivational energy in moving forward with new healthy lifestyle choices.

💫 Clear quartz; positivity, surrounds us with divine light and supports only positive mindset

💫 Rose quartz; weightloss also has to start with in , so self love is needed and self forgiveness so this helps us love ourselves

💫 Poppy Jasper: another support crystal for motivation and finding clarity , helps with weightloss understanding

💫  Apatite - any colour supports weightloss due to being an apatite suppressant


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