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Crystals to boost self esteem

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Crystals to boost self esteem ❤
Through life we all may have a low self esteem wobble, a time when feeling abit emotionally vulnerable and not quite ourselves. Some people suffer daily and loving yourself can be a constant battle.
Causes of self esteem can be anything from being bullied when was younger ( or older even ) Negative comments , perhaps some people speak not very kindly to us. Constant criticism can have a strain on us emotionally. These comments whether past or recent then begin to become a way of thinking and we start to believe those negative comments.
Usually though, in fact always, how someone is to you is actually a reflection of who they are , nothing to do with you. These people that attack our self esteem and self worth are the ones that struggle the most as they have little self love.
Crystals can be used as a tool to help win back your self esteem.

I always suggest yoga too, along side. Yoga fixes everything ;-)

1. Rose Quartz - brings in self love, positivity, compassion , dispels negativity.

2. Hematite - grounding and a huge self esteem booster , gives us strength

3. Moonstone - helps boost femininity, surrounds us with confidence and gives us back our mojo!

4. Clear quartz - pure love and light , master crystal , brings in positivity and new light to help heal any emotional pain.

4. Malachite - use moderately can help bring up any deep seated issues and let's us deal with the painful emotions gently.
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Love & Crystals

Laila xoxox

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