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Lava Aromathery Bracelets

Lava Aromatherapy Bracelets 

Lava is Black/ dark grey with little holes scattered through and acts like a sponge. 
Lava stone calms and stabalises the emotions and thoughts also providing vitality.
Providing us with stability and removing anything toxic that can make us toxic. Helps keeps us grounded and protected. Also helps removes any unhealthy emotional attachments.

/ stabilise / grounded / protected

Amazing thing with Lava Bracelets is they act like a sponge and as a aromatherapy diffuser too, just add 2 drops of your needed oil to the bracelet. repeat every few days. Use the oil specifically for your wellbeing, example lavendar would be a good choice for anxiety.
* Each bracelet is Reiki and Orgone charged. Each bracelet is elasticated one size. These are high quality 6mm beads.

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