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Minimalism || it goes hand it hand with the rest of my lifestyle. However it's still a challenge for me. "Stuff" makes me anxious , fact. Anyone who visits our home will see most walls are bare , we have as little furniture as possible and as little furnishings as possible.  
I see more stuff is more work. And being a family of 5 I don't have much spare time. The minimal style look we have going on in our home can be contradicting some what to our conservatory which is a converted little play room along with under floor cosy heating. From the conservatory, toys often trail right through to the living room. Toys. Now compared to most ( and I say this from visiting other homes ) we don't come close to the amount of toys some households have for their children but for me we still have way too much. Our home in Dubai was once a 7 bedroom house with a swimming pool. It's was ridiculous and after the novelty and first year of living in it I hated it almost. Was too big. I really felt not nice in it. So downsizing the last few years also helped with the relocation back home where the houses here are much smaller and more costly ( depending where you live in UK )
I often feel sad at the unnecessary items / furniture I had purchased before my minimalist journey started in 2012. I feel sad for the waste of money, buying the things I never even wanted or we never even needed. But I goodbye to these items in 2012 and accepted that was the old me. I became obsessed with minimalism ( I have read at least over 10 books on the subject ) and have one book by my bedside for reference too. My dream is to be in a house-hold where I know how many items we own.
I say journey because it is. Still is. Far from where I want to be, but I think a break through is when you throw away designer items that you once loved and now see as just "stuff". Which I have done on 2 occasions now.
With that said, honest as I am, I still like my Gucci bag, and other few items I keep holding on to, so fact is I still like nice things I suppose .. but it's about what's nice to me not to society.
As we enter 2017 we have already bagged up toys and clothes ( part of our New Year's Day ritual ) and these will sit in the garage for couple months then once forgotten they will be donated. In 2017 we look forward to a lot less cluttered home and much more hands on family game time.
*to help with a declutter use 3 clear quartz stones in pyramid shape of your living room walls , first one just off north- these will help create safety at home, worth doing this as you declutter- so that it helps with the up heave of stagnant energy. Use amethyst for yourself to help with compulsive buying and needing.

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