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My Experience With Gomati Chakra Pendant

Spiritual working with crystals

My experience with Gomati Chakra.
I had a yearn for one one these Gomati Chakras and bought mine back in the summer. The spiritual side of it can be found online. But the Gomati Chakra resembles the Sudarshan Chakra or Discus of Lord Krishna. They are found in the Gomati river.
I had a really bad day from a set back in my personal development area. I was working with various crystals through the morning but none resonating, I reflected and sensed my ego had been effected with the incident. I felt like something had been taken away from me ( but in hindsight it had just been moved further away and I had to be more patient and i had to become 'inward again' ) so while I knew the answers, i also knew that what had happened was chance for me to reflect and go deeper into the learning part.... but I still couldn't remove my irritable mood and shake it off.
So with over 1000 crystals of my own,  one was shouting out at me by 3pm and it was the Gomati Chakra pendant. I knew straight away where it was. Placed it around my neck ( I couldn't do it quick enough )
Within 10 mins I felt absolute harmony. The huge negative cloud had shifted. I felt I could communicate healthier and literally felt better. Just like that. 
Now when you research online there are so many rituals and methods you can use with Gomati Chakras. Often using more than one. But for me today just the one around my neck worked just perfectly.
I'm new to Gomati pendants so I'm still experimenting. Would love to know your experiences with Gomati pendants. Very grateful to Mother Earth for giving us these special gifts ❤️ They are also known to bring in prosperity, wealth, good luck and good health plus lots more amazing things. Our Gomati Pendants are in stock and will be live after the weekend. They will be £12.12, message me if you would like one reserving xxx

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