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angel aura obelisk


angel aura obelisk

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Angel Aura

Angel Aura is a quartz treated by fused platinum and silver with a vacuum of heat, this giving it the beautiful rainbow colouring, which is angelic to look it.

It has a energy that works on our auras, whether protecting or cleansing as needed. It assists in meditation for angelic communication and helps with the inner voice (intuition
) It brings us peace and tranquility. Physically it is a crystal used for any ill health and many stories have been told that since wearing / carrying angel aura they get well again, so a definite crystal to always have in your crystal collection

/ aura support / angelic communication / good health 

*Each crystal may vary in shape and colour from size  to 7cm high depending on stock levels. please note, these have a tiny hole through the top.

* only one crystal is received. photo is for reference.

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