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Gentle Crystal & Oracle / Angel card readings.


Gentle Crystal & Oracle / Angel card readings.

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After a long hiatus from readings, we are now offering gentle crystal & oracle / Angel card readings again.

I'm also a qualified Life Coach as well so in addition to a reading I offer an additional follow up reply to any questions you may have free of charge. I'm not a medium although some "things" sometimes do crop up.

The readings are to be utilised on your healing journey and used as a tool to improve your lifestyle, provide some guidance  and hopefully have some understanding.

Crystals themselves are gifts from the earth, stable forms of pure energy. , each stone holding special healing properties.
My readings are gentle and safe way to receive some guidance , healing & wisdom, guidance & healing.

Im the lucky owner of over 20 Oracle decks but I use these 4 packs. I've used these packs forever. I do my own mini spread using only these 4 packs, i usually select 3 packs of the 4, any 3 depending on what is needed.

. The tarot of crystal and gemstones

. Messages from mother earth

. Medicine cards

. Archangel Cards - doreen virtue (my first ever set i purchased in 2001

The decks I use for the healing readings were activated during a powerful meditation with love and intent. Each card is charged & cleansed.

My attachment and affinity to the crystal kingdom has allowed my love, care and compassion and "their "crystal healing medicine to support you on your healing journey.

How does the reading work?

Via email , once at checkout in the notes  box send me a question ( even if vague ) you would like some guidance on along with your full name. I will then channel the energy and tune into my cards and crystals and interpret any messages / guidance I may receive. Often received by automatic writing as I type the feedback.

Please allow 7 days for the reading to be emailed you. Depending on orders / waiting lists i may get it to you sooner. It will be sent on word document on email.

You can then hit back with any questions.

*Be aware this is a guide, support and a tool. You are the creator of your own destiny.


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