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* We love crystals
* We love yoga
* We love converse * We also love heels ;-)
* We love aliens, angels, fairies, mermaids and unicorns
* We love hippy trippy stuff
* We are health & fitness freaks
* We love stars and the moon
* We are a vegetarian family of 5 ( one vegan )
* We think normal is boring
* We love self healing.
* We are The Crystal Experts, 20 years experience

______We think these are the most important parts - you are curious to know more then Read ON...
Sparklefairy is designed for everyone, all ages. From the avid crystal collector and holistic therapist to someone who needs life guidance or support. Sparklefairy is a regional, world-class supplier of crystals and gemstones.
Sparklefairy helps connect mind, body and
spirit. We blend together the spiritual and metaphysical, with the more logical physical, scientific and historical aspects of crystals and gemstones. We provide advice and support throughout the crystal and gemstone purchasing experience.
Confidence and trust that the crystals or gemstones purchased are aligned with our clients needs and wants. Our priority is the emotional and physical need and well-being of the client we serve.

About the founder Laila Lambert

Laila Lambert had a passion for crystals at a very young age, her mum would often tell stories of how when on school trips she was given pocket money for a souvenir of the trip expecting her to bring back some stationary or a small toy that illustrated where she had been, instead Laila would return home with a small box of ‘stones’ and spend hours touching them, holding them and even cleaning them. At such age Laila felt the stones ‘spoke to her’ She even had ones in her pocket when feeling sad, ones for different things, all this was done without any book or advice, purely what she was ‘told’. She also picked stones up from the floor (pebbles) as she sense they were ‘lonely’.

Laila left the UK in year 2000 and started a new life in the Middle East, Saudi, Kuwait and now Dubai.... and as Laila grew up her collections and love of crystals expanded and in 2001 started her ‘real’ spiritual journey … its started in Ireland whilst she was there on holiday. It was confirmed by a very wise old lady that she was gifted with her Crystal knowledge and she didn’t ever need a book.

Laila pursued a career in Business Development in the hair, health and beauty industry across the Middle East, whilst this was always a stable and ‘normal’ job to be in she wasn’t fulfilled.

2003 Sparklefairy was born, Laila had started making handmade healing jewellery using crystals, but this never fully made her happy either Laila needed more. Laila went on to attend many-many courses and energy courses, she decided she wanted to pursue her personal development in energy work, she became a Crystal Healing therapist, Reiki Master, NLP Certified life coach, EFT practitioner, Tissus Salts Practitioner and also worked with the amazing art of Jin Shin Jyutsu among more things and became a Holistic Therapist. Laila strongly believes that you learn different things from each teacher so carried on attending many courses, workshops and seminars within the wellness industry.  At the same time Laila is a strong believer in that no matter how many courses you have done, workshops you have attended, you actually get ‘chosen’ or a ' calling' to be a lightworker/ helper  and in her opinion her qualifications are irrelevant.

Laila did readings, healings, treatments, life coaching etc and in Dubai often had over 8 clients a day working 10 hour days, as well as working from her treatment rooms / clinics she visited hotels, homes and so on to treat people who and also those who she had been recommended to, she had people even travel to have a session with her. Was great for her ego but also made Laila think…..a  few things happened which she sensed the healing industry wasn’t for her anymore…. egos became attached to the titles people where giving to each other, and realized people are in the industry for not always the right reasons. Laila also had huge transitions going on in her personal life and needed more time for 'herself' to get through it, rather than time for others. So Laila decided she didn’t want to be a part of the hands-on healing anymore but only rather empowering people with crystals and suggest they are used as a tool.

Laila expanded her reading knowledge and also discovered true awakening , not the awakening term used among the new agers. Real awakening influenced by Robert Adams, Ramani Maharshi – that type of awakening. Much different to New age terms of Awakening. Laila is a huge Russell Brand fan , and loves his philosophies and ideals.

Laila also discovered the likes of David Icke Graham Hancock, and Rick Strassman, drunvalo melchizedek to name a few. Laila also has a huge connection to the cosmos, Sirius and ET mythology. With reading being her favourite past time.

Sparklefairy - the business now has a keen VIP following amongst customers in professional careers, PR and even celebrities.

A percentage of sparklefairys profits goes to various chosen charities, at the moment supporting Cruse bereavement charity.

More about Laila

After living in the Middle East for 16 years, Laila and her family moved back to UK this summer and lives with her inspiring husband and her 3 beautiful daughters, !.... and 2 rescue cats in a beautiful little town just 20 minutes from Stone Henge. Laila practices Gentle and Attachment parenting with her family. Laila follows a vegan lifestyle. Laila like most has had huge life changing transitions in her life including lots of bereavements, which also gives Laila the skill of helping others with similar challenges. Laila is avid health and fitness fanatic, her husband being the inspiration and influence and she has almost completed her Gym instructor & Nutrtiion Level 2. With Yoga Teacher training planned for 2017.

Laila rebranded sparklefairy with the help of and which the connection to both Matthew and Lewis was pure synchronicity in itself and she was very honoured to work with them.

At the end of 2015 Laila finally found her passion in Yoga, something which has significantly helped her in all areas of her life, its a journey and no where near an expert in Yoga but practicing Yoga makes her heart sing and helping her find her true north and her ' Purusha' .....through the practice Laila's dreams and aspirations are now in fruition and will come to their full potential when the time is right which connects slightly to our future plans...

Future plans

Laila also has her book releases 2017 as well as many other exciting expansion plans in the pipe line. As well as completing Yoga Teacher Training. Laila has been appointed as Director of Lambert Wellbeing ( www.lambertwellbeing ) Stay tuned.