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The Soothe


The Soothe

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These bracelets are carefully made during mantra with oils and blessed for intention. Using the most powerful self esteem boosting crystals. 


Pale green , minty colour. Amazonite supports the nervous mind, helps calm it, and also a 'feel better' stone. Reduces anxiety and opens the heart to accept. Helps us speak the truth and be honest with ourself and others. Physically works on nervous system and known for its electromagnetic protection.

/ truth / calming /emf protection

Amethyst is ideal for physical and emotional balance. Any type of stress, anxiety Amethyst can assist with. It can also help with any lonely or homesick feelings. Helps us to take resposnisbilty and move forward in our lives. Helps release any tension. Spiritually works on third eye and lovely when used in meditation. It also helps us with compulsions and addictions. (known as the ‘sobriety’ stone ) Physically helps with insomnia, headaches and also immune system.

/ balance emotions / sleep better / release 

Each bracelet is Reiki Charged. Each bracelet is elasticated one size and comes with tibetan silver charm. Approx 8mm beads

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