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Angel Caller - Medium,  - sparklefairy


Angel Caller - Medium

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Angel caller Cage 6cm Circumference silver 975. (22" chain)

Angel Callers originate from Spain.The bell in the Angel Caller gently rings, in ancient times they say we can ring the bell if we need help from our guardian angel. Ancient stories also say that angel callers were given to fleeing humans, fairies, elves etc by the angels for protection as they fled. Angel callers are commonly used for protection. They also say that Angel callers are ideal gifts for expectant mothers as the bell rings gently as the mother wears it the unborn baby will be safe and protected from any negativity.. And continue to be worn after the birth too as a comfort sound when the baby is feeding.

Angel Callers are called different names in different cultures. Like harmony balls,  chime ball, chime pendant, druid balls, Mexican Bolas, Bali Harmony Balls etc.


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