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Bismuth Bismuth is created in a lab. But don’t let that put you off this amazing stone. It crystalline, a metal that has a iridescent shine. As an elemental metal, on the periodic table it is number 83. Bismuth helps focus , visualise and also mediate with. It slows us down in a world of chaos and helps if we get overwhelmed with even daily responsibilities but at the same time increases our energy levels and gives us motivation and clarity to deal with them.

Bismuth helps with feelings related to loneliness or even isolation. Ideal if moving house, country more so for children. It is a stone of transformation and change, helps us adapt to change understanding its the right decision.
Physically, Bismuth lowers fevers and helps with any type of recovery and wellbeing.

/ focus / helps with loneliness / change

Each piece, size and colour may vary from the photo. *

2 - 3cm approx


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