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Black tourmaline (small),  - sparklefairy


Black tourmaline (small)

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Black tourmaline (small but powerful)
Black colour with vertical, ridges in natural form.Also known as Schorl.
Most common first choice for repelling negativity and bringing in positivity. Its the main property of the stone.
Black tourmaline has been used in ancient history by Shamans and healers for protection. Black Tourmaline is considered by many to be a powerful protective stone, it protects on all levels. Ideal for those working in health profession and for healers as a protective shield
Keeps you grounded and protected from negative people and environments. Helps protect you from energy vampires. Physically boosts the immune system and metabolism.

/ protective / grounding / positivity

*Each crystal may vary in shape and colour these pieces are small and discreet 1cm and ideal for your wallet/ pocket.

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