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Be Love


Be Love

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These bracelets are carefully made during mantra with oils and blessed for intention. Using the most powerful loving crystals.


🌟 Rose quartz: A type of quartz, often pink pale pink, sometimes the pink is enhanced to make the stone more attractive.
Rose quartz is the ultimate love stone. It teaches us self love, compassion, love others and helps heal from emotional issues to physical issues. It encourages positivity and can also give our self esteem a boost. Makes us feel nice. Physically works beautiful with someone healing from surgery or about to have surgery, idea gift for someone who is physically unwell too.

/ love / positivity / self esteem

🌟 Amazonite:  Pale green , minty colour. Amazonite supports the nervous mind, helps calm it, and also a 'feel better' stone. Reduces anxiety and opens the heart to accept. Helps us speak the truth and be honest with ourself and others. Physically works on nervous system and known for its electromagnetic protection.

/ truth / calming /emf protection


Each bracelet is Reiki Charged. Each bracelet is elasticated one size. 

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