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Gratitude stone,  - sparklefairy


Gratitude stone

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[ Clear quartz ] The Gratitude Stone is a physical action step

that you can take to form more positive thought patterns.

Make it a bedtime ritual – before you go to sleep,

hold the stone in your hand and think of what made you

the happiest that day. Repeat this every single night and you’ll start to feel more

thankful and have a more positive outlook on life. It makes you come back to living

in the present, because when you focus on it and on being grateful you engage

your attention in the present moment. You can also use the gratitude

stone to be grateful for something that you have immediately around you

–for example, the drink you're having, the clothes you are wearing.


Clear quartz
Clear quartz as its name suggests i clear one of the most popular crystals. Ideal for yogis , those working with crystals for the first time and those needing some positivity in their life. Known as the " master crystal " Lovely stone to hold during meditation too. Clear quartz enhances positive manifestation and brings in new healthy light. Physically works on all organs and supports cleansing and detox so often works well with those loosing weight too.

/ positivity / healing / detox

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