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Heart Weightloss Bracelet - Hematite


Heart Weightloss Bracelet - Hematite

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🌈Weight loss & Rainbow Hematite 🌈🌟
These bracelets are magnetic rainbow hematite gemstone and were presented to me in a health food shop recently. ⚡️The north pole of a magnet is supposed to stimulate metabolism, increasing the calories burned in cells which helps increase the general energy expenditure as certain cells and tissues in the body emit electromagnetic impulses. Theoretically, when disease or injury hampers their flow, magnetic energy can rectify the imbalance and reestablish health. Magnetic therapy has been marketed as being effective to alleviate migraine headaches, repair broken bones, improve circulation and support other illnesses.
The subject on magnetic therapy on weight loss is huge, so do some research.
🧘🏼‍♀️ Rainbow hematite is grounding like all hematite also helps transmutes negativity to love it also assists mental functioning, memory and development. Rainbow Hematite is calming and instils deep inner peace. Rainbow Hematite also boosts confidence and self worth. 💗

£16 each message to buy * to support your weight loss journey *

* All Crystal Rescue bracelets are charged and blessed by myself and placed on an orgone grid and programmed prior to dispatch.

Each bracelet is elasticated one size and comes with charm.   

* 5 day delivery 

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