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Lepidolite (purple) Anxiety Reduction Bracelet


Lepidolite (purple) Anxiety Reduction Bracelet

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Pinky colour with sparkles sometimes.

By far the most effective crystal for anxiety in my opinion (as well as Kunzite)  

Lepidolite contains Lithium which in fact is sometimes administrated for those suffering anxiety or any other mental illness. It can help eliminate Panic attacks. Which explains its calming effect. Lepidolite reminds us to trust ourselves. Trust ourselves all is OK. It brings in self love which can help also preventing anxiety. Anxiety can often be stemmed from never being good enough or perfectionism. Anxiety can be a result of pain after losing a loved one and even after having a baby and can trigger Anxiety (often PND) By wearing this crystal it will certainly support you feeling better. After prescribing this crystal, people often say to me ' you know what yes it does help'

/ anxiety reduction /calming / self love 

Each bracelet is Reiki Charged. Each bracelet is elasticated one size. Bead size may vary from 4mm to 6mm

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