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LOVE Orgone Pyramid


LOVE Orgone Pyramid

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3.5 inch approx - beautiful size

Enbedded with Rose quartz , perfect for meditation, compassion and love, also ideal to use to cleanse your own crystal jewellery with.

Also ideal for therapists to keep in their room as well to keep the room cleansed in between clients.

Orgone is man made with natural resources. Orgone is known as prana / life force. 

William Reich was who  discovered  Orgone, he noticed that  when non organic metals were mixed with and organic material like wood or cotton into layers it would react magnet to this type of energy. Reich made huge batches of of these and placed his patients inside a box of it all where they would then receive high amount of this orgone (life force) into their bodies. Astonishingly Reich patients were cured of different illnesses including high advanced stages of cancer. This created conflict with the medical industry. Reich was sent to prison where he died.

Benefits with having Orgone near by include: 

- general health improvement

- plants and flowers lasting longer

- life positivity

- negativity transmitted to positivity

- houses cleansed healthy

- state of wellbeing improved

- happiness

- peace

-emfs lowered

- environment improved

*each piece varies in size and colour and pattern. / search orgone experiments in our blog. There you can see it working for yourself

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