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Moldavite & Herkimer diamond,  - sparklefairy


Moldavite & Herkimer diamond

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Moldavite - sparklefairy personal favourite.

Green, looks like a type of glass can be very dark or lighter version of green. Created from a metorite than landed in Czechoslovakia. Moldavite was formed after as a result of all the gases and debris.

Moldavite helps on so many levels, you either connect to this crystal or your don't (there doesn't seem to be a balance!) If connect then it will bring you strength protection strong intuition abilities and even power. It gives confidence and can act as an anti depressant. lifts the mood and makes you feel happy. Moldavite also makes us feel safe and less homesick. Physically, anything connected to the mind and from my own experience also the heart chakra.

/ safe / protecting / happy

Herkimer diamond 

Herkimer is clear and double terminated quartz. Works as a support aid for new beginnings and spontaneity. Brings in purity to the situation and positivity and manifestation. It also reduced fears and tension Physically it assists with detox , and supporting the metabolism.

/ new beginnings / purity / tension release. 


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