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Pink Aura Quartz Druzy Fairy 1


Pink Aura Quartz Druzy Fairy 1

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Pink Aura Quartz Druzy Fairy

Pink aura quartz goes through a similar process as most ‘Aura’ family stones. The quartz is bonded with platinum powder and other metals then heated to create that very special effect.
Pink aura is good for bringing the body back to equilibrium, it works more so the auric field. It also brings oneness and love and encourages us to love. It supports us in seeing the inner beauty with ourselves and in others. It can also assist in cutting any unhealthy emotional attachment cords Physically, works on general good health bringing our body into balance.

/ equilibrium / inner beauty / cord cutting

Each pendant comes on silver plated chain 18"  sitting perfect on the heart chakra. With tibetan charms. Each crystal may vary in size shape and colour.

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