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Purple Dalmatian Jasper,  - sparklefairy


Purple Dalmatian Jasper

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Purple Dalmatian Jasper

Attractive 'dyed purple colour'  with black spots (tourmaline) reminding us of the breed of dog Dalmatian Jasper, same healing properties as Dalmatian Jasper, with more calming effect on the mind.

Ideal stone to protect from any type of physical danger, helps us achieve our goals, and learn along the way. Helps us move on from any past issues we need to leave behind. Brings happiness and devotion. Calming stone too and keeps us positive.
Physically soothing for any aches and pains and and gives us physical stamina.

/ Achieve / happiness / physical protection


*Each crystal slice may vary in size shape and colour from 3cm to 7cm depending on stock levels.

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