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Rose Quartz Mala,  - sparklefairy


Rose Quartz Mala

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Rose Quartz
A type of quartz, often pink pale pink, sometimes the pink is enhanced to make the stone more attractive.
Rose quartz is the ultimate love stone. It teaches us self love, compassion, love others and helps heal from emotional issues to physical issues. It encourages positivity and can also give our self esteem a boost. Makes us feel nice. Physically works beautiful with someone healing from surgery or about to have surgery, idea gift for someone who is physically unwell too.

/ love / positivity / self esteem

Use this Mala as a intention of self healing. Also beautiful to hang above beds on the headboard. It is a 9 power astro Mala mix of gemstones used to empower us and bring in good healing intention. 

The Mala is a rosary which contains 108 beads. Use to keep count while reciting, chanting, or mentally repeating a mantra or even of particular deity, a practice known in Sanskrit as papa. Popular among Yogis.

Hindu tradition suggests that the correct way to use a mala is with the right hand, with the thumb lifting one bead to the next, while the mala is draped over the middle finger. The index finger represents ego, which is the greatest impediment to Self-Realization, so avoid the index finger  (as with the ego) when using /chanting with the mala.


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