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Self Esteem


Self Esteem

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These bracelets are carefully made during mantra with oils and blessed for intention. Using the most powerful loving crystals.

 Made with a powerful combination to boost your self esteem and give you strength, are you feeling a little low, not quite your sparkly self? Or struggle daily with low self esteem? If so this can help. 

Carnelian - common crystal to boost self esteem and unleash creativity which helps remove any chakra blocks causing us to feel low about ourselves.

Rudraksha - a seed , known as shiva tears, rudraksha generally help with good luck, good fortune and wellbeing

Sandalwood - sweet smelling wood which is a mood booster and helps lift any self doubts and helps put us in a more confident mood.


Om symbol represents prana and life force 


🌟 Each bracelet is Reiki Charged. Each bracelet is elasticated one size. 

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