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Self Esteem Support


Self Esteem Support

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These bracelets are carefully made during mantra with oils and blessed for intention. Using the most powerful self esteem boosting crystals.


|| 🌟Rudraksha  📿  🔮

The Rudraksha bead is said to originally come from  Shiva’s tears.  So much information online about Rudraksha , however known for supporting many  mind & body ailments, be calming when worn against the skin, reduce heart disease and lower blood pressure, increase mental clarity, memory & general awareness, calm the central nervous system, quiet the mind & free yourself from negative thoughts, as well as increase immunity, energy & stamina, and rejuvenate the entire mind & body.

🌟Extensive scientific research has been conducted over the years by leading scientists in universities in India, and now also in the west. Their findings have proven that Rudraksha beads have certain electrical and magnetic properties, and when worn against the skin, and especially over the heart, act on our human neural network in a number of beneficial ways. 🌟  It can balance the heart’s magnetic field, control pulse rate, improve blood circulation, and purify the blood.

Many people for have found release from stress, depression and lethargy when using Rudrakshas. 🌟


A happy stone, lifts the mood. And massively increases Self Esteem, reduces lazy behaviours and increases passion and motivation. Increases creativity and ambition , helps with  personal strength. Physically it can support fertility, hay fever, common colds and also eating disorders.

/ happy / self esteem / creativity


Known for years its support with self esteem and subdues any irritability issues.  Supports compassion and openness which are also traits of increasing self esteem.

Each bracelet is Reiki Charged. Each bracelet is elasticated one size. 

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