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Shungite Polished,  - sparklefairy


Shungite Polished

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Shungite is reportedly about 2 billion years old. Shungite is a powerful ancient healing stone that is said to be almost pure carbon, you can only find it in Karelia in Russia. It is incredibly powerful as it is one of the only known natural materials to contain fullernes. Fullernes occur when carbon molecules father together into hollow, globular molecules. They are currently of great scientific interest to many researchers because of their ability to purify water, act as powerful antioxidants and the possibility of being a treatment of cancer.
It was such an important discovery as scientists were aware only of three modifications of carbon - diamond, graphite and carbyne. The new molecule cuts diamond as oil, and slows down the growth of cancer cells, and substances from fullerenes can also slow down the activity of the AIDS virus. According to scientists. The scientists who have made it received the Nobel Prize in chemistry in 1996.
Shungite Polished

There are so many benefits of shungite. It has also been used for healing and purification of water in Russia for centuries. Shungite can assist with detoxifying and purifying your body by absorbing and eliminating any negative energies or anything that is hazardous to the body. Shungite cleanses the aura with light, allowing only positive and beneficial energies to reach your body. Shungite is a very positive stone.
A Shungite stone is also a very powerful protection tool, especially known for its protection from EMFs as well as general psychic protection.
Worth placing shungite on or near to your computer and any other electronics including mobile phone. Shungite protection energy is from the noncrystalline carbon mineral foundation.

The unique healing properties of shungite used in natural water sources have had no scientific explanation really . But these properties were so evident it was still confirmed to purify. Lots of resources online about Shungite, so enjoy further research.

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Sparklefairy will also be doing a you tube video soon too with some shungite experiments Stay tuned.

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