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Stonehenge 'Bluestone' preseli /angel wing


Stonehenge 'Bluestone' preseli /angel wing

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Stonehenge 'Bluestone' preseli

Stonehenge crystal, precisely known as Preseli Bluestone, this crystal is made from the same type of material that Stonehenge is built with. Preseli is in fact from Preseli Hills in Pembrokeshire, West Wales. This is its original source. It is also less know as 'Preseli Dolerite'
Stonehenge is a well known sacred circle, located in the UK, in the Wiltshire countryside, made up of nineteen large pieces of Preseli 'Bluestone.'

Amazing Stonehenge is thought to have been brought to where its now located around 2100 BC, and some stories say that Merlin used magic to bring them to where they now stand in Wiltshire.

Preseli Bluestone has a very obvious deeper earth connection. Therefore a powerful crystal to help you feel grounded

It has huge past life connections to ancient Celtic Britain.

Helps with awareness of truth, and lovely to hold if chatting to someone to feel if they are genuine in their words (the stone will tell you!) 
So obviously brings clarity when required, and understand the deeper meaning of what is said. 
Brings willpower and courage.

/ grounding / truth / willpower

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