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Tigers eye Chip Necklace Clear Quartz


Tigers eye Chip Necklace Clear Quartz

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Tigers Eye
Tigers eye has a reflective shine usually its colours are brown, yellow gold and orange. Tigers eye a stone that gives us a push to just 'do it', go chase that dream and go for it. Gives courage and support for new beginnings. This stone helps enhance our intuition. Also brings protection, and can encourage wealth. Physically helps the memory and mind, supports digestive system and night vision.

/ Go for it / Courage / Protection

Clear quartz

Clear quartz as its name suggests i clear one of the most popular crystals. Ideal for yogis , those working with crystals for the first time and those needing some positivity in their life. Known as the " master crystal " . Lovely stone to hold during meditation too. Clear quartz enhances positive manifestation and brings in new healthy light. Physically works on all organs and supports cleansing and detox so often works well with those loosing weight too.

/ positivity / healing / detox

Each necklace is Reiki Charged. Length excl pendant is 32"

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