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Twin Flame Bracelets (red thread)


Twin Flame Bracelets (red thread)

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Influenced by Hinduism, I have created these Twin flame Bracelets.
Lots of jewellery is available for Soulmates but not so many for Twin Flames.
Here is my article on Twin Flames…
Twin Flames are metaphorically speaking connected by red thread. Hence these creations. They came to me in meditation.

Each Twin Flame wears one on the left hand. This bracelets reinforce the bond of the Twin Flame relationship and help you feel connected. The knot is there to protect from external influences that may interfere in the relationship. And warn off any evil.
I use Kalava String, also known as mauli or charadu.

Whilst these are influenced by Hinduism , these bracelets are not however to be confused with the Hinduism philosophy of the Kalava.

With that said :

According to Bhagavad Gita, no one on Earth is free from three Guṇas (tendencies, qualities, attributes) of nature: Rajas (passion), Tamas (darkness or destruction) and Satva (purity). These gunas deeply affect our state of mind, our moods, nature and our behavior.
So the thread on the wrist also helps control mood swings and supports into the Satvik state, which is pure and placid.

Hindus interpret kalava as a symbol of protection, thought The color red is extremely significant in the Hindu faith, symbolizing both purity and, as the colour of the deity, Shakti, prowess. Other Hindu deities that wear red often represent bravery, generosity or security.

These red string bracelets are a token of trust, respect and love.

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